Slow and Steady Wins the Weight Loss Race


When it comes to anything in life we want to succeed, weight loss is no exception. With obesity rates, and weight related diseases, in the UK rising (NHS 2018) our news feeds are packed with diets and weight loss “secrets”. But is there a secret to success? The simple fact is to lose weight we must be in a calorie deficit. Sticking to a diet is not easy, a diet is defined as a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves (Oxford Dictionary, 2018). What if there was a different approach to dieting?

This approach isn’t sexy, it won’t get you instant result within 6 weeks, you probably won’t get rock hard abs in 10 days! What you will achieve is a relaxed and sustainable way of eating that will over time get you to your end goal. This is achieved through small daily disciplines (habits). This approach is explained in “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. He describes that adding just 1% to anything, whether it’s a skill, knowledge or effort -like a diet- results will have more than tripled in a year.      

When considering incorporating these habits into your daily routine to improve nutrition you need to analyse your life and pin point where you struggle. Are you forced to make unhealthy choices at the canteen because you didn’t prepare a lunch? Do you sit in front of the TV at night and mindlessly munch away at a family size packet of crisps? Don’t have time in the morning to eat a balanced breakfast but snoozed your alarm for 40 minutes before eventually getting up?

It is important to clarify that incorporating these small changes in your daily routine will not mean instant results. You probably won’t be aware of any results for the first few weeks, even month and this is when most of the population stop.  

People are looking for a quick fix, the next fad diet that will promise them weight loss and results. These diets have a shelf life and often individuals see themselves putting the weight back on. Introducing daily habits around nutrition can result in long term sustainable weight loss. These habits are easy to do but there easy not to do. Have patience and belief that doing these religiously will yield results. Success will take time, but that time will pass regardless so why not use it to your advantage by introducing and implementing daily habits? Successful people know that failure is inevitable, when it comes to weight loss this fact is essential. Know that you will make mistakes and that is ok, learn and move on. Don’t write the week off and start again Monday!

Look at your life and choose three small things that are easy to do but will have huge significance in your life if you do them day in and day out. They might be choosing not to snooze your alarm and getting up 30 mins earlier each day, preparing a healthy lunch the night before, sitting at the table without a phone or TV and conversing with family. You won’t see result straight away, you probably won’t see results for a few weeks, maybe even a few months but eventually you will and by this point they will just be things you do. So small that you do them subconsciously!

Heather Mair - CrossFit Stewarton Coach and Nutrition Mentor 

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