“Many people mistakenly think stretching and mobility work are synonymous.  Stretching focuses only on lengthening short and tight muscles.  Mobility, on the other hand, is a movement-based integrated full-body approach that addresses all the elements that limit movement and performance, including short and tight muscles, soft tissue restrictions, joint capsule restrictions, motor control problems, joint range of motion dysfunction, and neural dynamic issues.  In short, mobilisation is a tool for globally addressing movement and performance issues.”

(Starrett, 2016)

Every individual arrives in the gym with their own areas of limitation derived from daily routines, previous injuries and functional adaptations due to sports / physical activity.  During our WODs and daily warm-up routines we introduce a variety of different mobility exercises which you can adopt as appropriate to address your own personal limitations.  There are also some mobility posters available in the gym to help with movement specific warm-ups during Open Gym time.

It is vital that mobility issues are addressed when identified as strength cannot be built upon a dysfunctional body – it will inevitably lead to injury.  There are a few resources that we have found particularly useful and which we recommend gym users referring to in order to help address mobility limitations:


1. Mobility WOD:

Dr. Kelly Starrett started San Francisco CrossFit in 2005 as one of the first 30 CrossFit boxes and the first such gym to incorporate an on-site physiotherapy practice.  With his experience as both a Physiotherapist and CrossFit Coach and after years of observing thousands of athletes of all levels move with poor movement mechanics, Kelly developed Mobility WOD to help address these commonly observed movement dysfunctions.



ROMWOD was born from a conversation between brothers about opposite training styles and the idea of fusing them into a platform that helps athletes achieve optimal range of motion to increase their training output.” 

The two brothers, one owner of Zero Gravity CrossFit and the other owner of The Yoga Room in California, merged their two philosophies and years of experience to produce a daily mobility routine which users can follow to help optimise range of motion.