Time - The Perfect Excuse


Nothing makes me want to force choke someone more than when they claim to not have time for something.

Unlike money, or opportunity, time is the only universal commodity distributed equally. We all get twenty-four hours in a day, and fortunately, most of us get to decide how we allocate them.

Clearly, the things that are most important to us receive the most attention, or at least they should. Without food, water and sleep for example, it’s safe to assume most of us wouldn’t last long. As such, rest and nutrition should be considered a priority for those of us who would like to enhance and prolong our basic quality of life. Whereas getting your nails done might carry slightly less importance when it comes to sheer survival.

You choose how to spend your time. Granted, when jobs, family and children enter the fray, sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s much of a choice at all, but that’s not the case.

Maybe your job sucks. Perhaps you work long hours and are too tired to work out at the end of the day. True as that may be; you’re probably not a twelve-year-old child working in a Burmese sweat shop. In which case; you chose your career and are more than capable of choosing a new one.

Children certainly make time management challenging, but they aren’t the perfect excuse you’ve been searching for. Sure, we all love to spend time with our kids, but are they receiving our full attention? Browsing Instagram while your little angel is brainwashed by Peppa Pig does not count as quality time spent with your child. Rather than contend with your phone and TV for hours on end, don’t you think a shorter spell of undivided attention may be more beneficial for our kids?

Will your kids hate you for spending three hours per week in the gym? Will they run away from home if you dedicate twenty minutes to preparing meals for tomorrow? Or will they grow up to appreciate the positive role model they had as a parent?

Don’t complain about not having the time to work out. Don’t complain about not having the time to plan meals in advance and eat well. Especially when your recently watched list on Netflix reads like a Tolstoy novel. People just as busy as you are finding the time to get it done, simply because they value their health and fitness more than you do. It’s not about time; it’s about priorities.

That’s not to say that your job or family are unimportant, far from it. Take some time to establish what health and fitness means to you and decide where it belongs relative to your other commitments.

If it’s truly important, you’ll find the time. If not, at least have the honesty to own your decisions and lay off the feeble excuses.

Just be thankful I’m not a Jedi.


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